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Launched in 2007, the BYTOWN MUSEUM Community Gallery program affords community groups, embassies, cultural organizations and local artists the opportunity to tell their stories within our walls. The Community Gallery – a unique Ottawa space located in the former cooper’s workshop, is an excellent venue to showcase the stories and perspectives of the diverse peoples that call Ottawa home. The Gallery has played host to a myriad of diverse exhibits from the likes of the: Polish Canadian Women’s Federation, the Ottawa Little Theatre, the Embassy of Guatemala, the Ottawa Valley Button Society and the Chinese-Canadian Arts Council, as well as local photographers Rémi Thériault and Graham Iddon to name a few.

We welcome all interested individuals, community and cultural groups, embassies and artists to fill out an application for the Program, or contact us directly for more information.

Please forward the following Call for Proposal Form to us once completed.

Grant Vogl 
Collections and Exhibitions Manager
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Did you know?

The first Hungarians arrived in Canada in the province of Saskatchewan in the 1880s, and since then more Hungarians immigrated in several waves, contributing to Canada’s prosperity. The Hungarian heritage in Canada is rich and significant, and Hungarians can rightly be proud that many of their fellow countrymen brought fame to Canada in the agricultural, cultural, scientific, political, and business life.

Canada celebrated the 150th anniversary of the Confederation in 2017. On that occasion numerous major events took place in several cities across Canada. An important part of the Hungarian presence was the Hungarian heritage, as well as the outstanding scientific, cultural, economic, and other accomplishments that contributed to Canada’s development during the past 150 or so years.

This important anniversary has highlighted that the accomplishments and work of Canadian Hungarians are present in many areas of our lives, and yet we know very little about them because we are lacking a comprehensive collection that could showcase this valuable contribution for a wider public.

For this very reason in 2017 the Embassy of Hungary in Ottawa announced an initiative to compile the Canadian-Hungarian heritage items, in which both private citizens and Canadian-Hungarian organizations participated. As a result of this work, a website and a booklet showcase several dozens of Hungarian heritage items – in many categories, with pictures and descriptions – that can be found throughout Canada.

This exhibition presents a small slice of this collection, focusing mainly on the Hungarian heritage items in and around Ottawa.

Presented by the Bytown Museum in partnership with the Hungarian Embassy.

“McClintock’s Dream” by Victor Tolgesy
“McClintock’s Dream” by Victor Tolgesy / “Le Rêve de McClintock” par Victor Tolgesy
“The Totem Pole of Canada” by the Ottawa School of Art / “Mât totémique du Canada à Ottawa, ON” par l’École d’art d’Ottawa
Budapest Crescent
Budapest Crescent, Kanata, Ontario” / “Croissant Budapest, Kanata, Ontario”