Get Engaged

Engage with the BYTOWN MUSEUM through our exciting exhibitions, activities and programs for adults, youth and kids. Make the best of your visit! Be our guests!

Group Visits

Whether for adults, school groups, seniors, families, kids or for young adults, the Bytown Museum can accommodate all groups with a sizeable amount of theme-oriented group tours specifically designed to accommodate customization if required.

What's Happening

Avail yourself of the best featured programming for your visit by checking out our ‘At a Glance’ calendar, available on the following page, or easily accessible on any page to the right, by clicking on the red calendar icon.

For Youth

The Bytown Museum offers plenty of exciting opportunities to learn outside the classroom in an engaging setting for our youthful historians-to-be!

Youth Council Activities

Meet the Bytown Museum Youth Council; a group of dynamic youth from across the city who thrive on engaging youth in Ottawa’s vibrant history! You can even join them if you wish!