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A Historical Legacy

Jarvis Photo, Women’s Canadian Historical Society during Centenary Week, Ottawa, 1926, Bytown Museum, P4315b.
(L to R: Ms. Mary Mutchmore, Ms. Mary Jane Tormey, Ms. Eva Read and Ms. E.W. Armstrong)

Over and above these considerations, the BYTOWN MUSEUM is dedicated to continuing the historical legacy of Ottawa intended by the founding Women’s Canadian Historical Society (WCHSO) for the Museum. Your donations support this original mission and intent, to preserve a unique and pristine legacy and make it more available to the public well into the future. 2016-2017 are very exciting years for our community Museum. We are presently recasting our website and preparing exciting programming and exhibitions for our 100th Anniversary in 2017, within the context of Canada’s 150th birthday. Be part of our proud 100th Anniversary by pitching in with a donation to the Museum: ‘Where Ottawa Begins’. Thank you for your valued participation! Some of our current ‘Wish List’ items that need attention

  • Modern Audio Tour system (to sustain the offering of tours in six languages)
  • Ongoing digitization of the collection for public access
  • 2017 signature events and exhibitions
  • 100th Anniversary of the Museum Youth Council activities
  • Costuming for onsite tours and living history programming



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