Group Visits and Tours

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Whether for adults, school groups, seniors, families, kids or for young adults, the BYTOWN MUSEUM can accommodate groups of 10 or more with a sizeable amount of theme-oriented group tours specifically designed to educate and entertain.

Customizable tours are available.

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A selection of remote learning options for educators and parents!

Artefact Analysis Challenge

Challenge students to analyze various artefacts from the Bytown Museum’s collection, in order to determine their purpose and significance.

Curriculum: Grade 3 - Social Studies

A Local Canvas: Art & Society

This program allows students to explore the Bytown Museum’s A Local Canvas virtual exhibit, exposing them to unique paintings highlighting Ottawa’s local sites, people, and artists. Students assess their reactions to various art pieces, and investigate the ways in which art reflects the society in which it was created. Students are also given the opportunity to produce a unique art piece of their own, and to share this piece with the Bytown Museum.

Curriculum: 9-10, Visual Arts

A Local Canvas: Portraits from Bytown

This program allows students to explore the Bytown Museum’s A Local Canvas virtual exhibit, with a focus on portraits. Students explore the styles and functions of portraiture, with a focus on the historical context of the artwork. This senior level program also encourages critical-thinking and research, and gives students the opportunity to produce a unique art piece of their own.

Curriculum: 11-12, Visual Arts

Exploring Bytown By Map

This program will allow students to explore various maps from the Bytown Museum’s collection. Through discussion and the examination of historical maps, students will learn about their basic features. Students will then create their own maps, and will discuss how communities can be represented in different ways.

Curriculum: 1-3, Social Studies

Lock Talks

Learn how the locks work, why the canal was built, and about the lives of the people who built it.

Discover Ottawa's History

Travel back in time as we guide you through Ottawa’s oldest stone building.


In partnership with Canadian Heritage, an exciting way for your students to experience the Capital while learning about its social, historical and artistic features.

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Free In-gallery Activities

Scavenger Hunt

While you’re exploring the museum’s exhibit be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the seven mailboxes scattered around the second and third floors.

History Explorers

Grab a pencil, a map of the museum and challenge yourself with our museum scavenger hunt

Youth Activity Area

Visit the third floor of the museum to check out our Youth Activity Area complete with Victorian toys, books to read, as well as interactive and historical games!